Someone’s trying to sell you something…

Well, actually, everyone’s trying to sell you something these days. It’s relentless.

Every day when I open my mail there are about a hundred or more scam emails trying to sell me something and of the remaining “real” email fully 95% of that is someone trying to sell me something or other.

You get used to it don’t you…

In case you have not noticed, VolksCruiser is all about selling you something as well and, while it’s not something you pay for or a bauble you can play with, it is about selling you the idea that you can do something even if you don’t have a lot of money.

That said, it’s not really about money at all. It’s also not about budgets, cunning plans to get around paying for stuff, and advanced techniques of dumpster diving.

What we’re selling here at the grand old VolksCruiser Emporium is simply the fact that you can do it.

You can do it.
Lots of people have done it in the past, people are currently doing it now, and long after you and I have left this mortal coil I’d like to think folks will still be doing it while pissing off those who like to tell them they can’t in the process.
So yeah, I am trying to sell you something and “relentless” really should be my middle name.

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