Boat value and other illusive truths…

Doing a search on Craig’s List for a boat I didn’t find I came across a 26-foot bilge-keeled Westerly (I’m pretty sure it’s a Centaur) for $350 which, being an amazing price, seriously caught my attention… For anyone wanting to know the Westerly is in Annapolis.

I have no idea what sort of condition the boat is in but, at $350 it’s a killer deal providing it is not underwater.

Of course, some will disagree with me and follow the “you get what you pay for” mindset and assume that a $350 boat could not possibly be worth salvaging and if you did it would cost a silly amount of money to put things right.

That said, there are any number of reasons a boat might be selling for so little that don’t involve it being a bad boat…

I know if I happened to be in the vicinity I’d be visiting the boat with cash in hand as fast as my feet would carry me because great deals on boats only go to the fleet of foot.

Just saying.

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