Slow going on the Endeavour front…

I’ve been waiting on a quote for a forty-foot section of mast extrusion for the Endeavour but, as expected the rigging company who happens to be the purveyor of said extrusion…

Boy do I hate dealing with some marine businesses.

It’s not that I can’t live with slow and inept but do admit to a certain exasperation with just plain rude and nasty.

Really, how hard is it to answer two questions of whether or not they have forty-feet in stock and, if they do, what it costs per foot.

That said, the cost of mast extrusions and the needful bits to make up a mast being what they are these days the only really affordable way to go is to either find an acceptable used mast or to build your own.

Though it really would be nice to have the quote on a new mast for comparitive purposes…

I’m not going to hold my breath in the meantime.

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