Have you ever had one of those days?

Have you ever had one of those days?

Maybe I should back up a little…

For a while now I’ve felt that Boat Bits, VolksCruiser, Island Gourmand, and Fishing Under Sail could use a little work and a few tweaks in direction. The problem is it’s really hard to do a makeover while trying to do the same old same… Kinda like the problematic nature of rehabbing a boat while you’re living on it. So, a couple of days back, I made the decision to close the blogs for a bit so I could regain a certain perspective, make some changes, and get started on some other semi-related projects.

Fact of the matter is, a lot of folks don’t much like my blogs and a goodly amount of the emails I get regarding the blog are negative. That said, I often do wonder why some people who dislike my posts so much apparently read my blogs religiously… Anyway, I have a fairly thick skin and as most of the folks who take exception to what I write seem to suffer infantile political mindset, have minute attention spans, and don’t seem to actually read the posts in their entirety I’m not all that bothered but let’s look at the instrument panel to check…

Yep, not that bothered at all.

Where the problem comes in is that I don’t want to be that guy who writes the same old same stuff and disappoints or bores the regular readers who actually invest themselves in what I write or talk about. Hence, my feeling that I need to make some changes and why I turned off the blogs yesterday.

This morning when I opened my email my box was full of people wanting access to the blogs. Even more touching was the fact that a lot of people were actually worried that there might be some health or medical issue and wanted to make sure I was OK. To say that such concern is appreciated is a huge understatement…

Thank you.

So, the blogs are back up but I have to warn you that since we’re going to be in that rehabbing while living on it state of affairs it just might get messy from time to time and we might miss a few days here and there.

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