Money,money, money…

OK, I’ll admit stuff costs too much…

Just the other day someone mentioned to me he was going to forego a self-steering gear because he’d have to pay in excess of $5000 to get a good one and if he could not have “the best” he’d simply make do with a used underpowered, prone to failure, and non-user serviceable tillerpilot he could get for $200 at a nautical swap meet.

Do I detect a certain failure of logic somewhere?

For an example of where such logic may leave you, check out this post about a guy who needed to be rescued and lost his boat due to the lack of a self-steering gear… He thought he had to have the best as well.

Today I looked for a few minutes and found several Aries gears for under $1000, an Atoms for $1250, and a Sayes rig for $750… All in good shape and all top quality self-steering gears. I expect with a little more searching you’d be able to find one for even less.


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