Sorta/kinda touching on the whole what it costs to cruise can of worms…

Now here’s something (yet another cruising rally) of zero interest to folks thinking about VolksCruisers and frugal cruising scenarios. That said, I mention it because for the fees involved to do an Atlantic circuit with this particular economic black hole, you could cruise quite comfortably or go a long way toward buying or building yourself a very nice boat!

Let’s break it down…

  • Eastbound Atlantic passage… $2,331 (and change).
  • Portugal to Madeira… $1,481 
  • Madeira/Cape Verde/Barbados passage… $3,274   
  • Some pottering in the southern Caribbean… $1871 
  • A bit more Caribbean and on to the US of A … $2,650

Now, math not exactly being my strong point, I’m pretty sure that is nearly $12,000 spent on some highly intangible stuff and nannying. None of that money goes to real cruising expenses like food, fuel, or shipboard expenses. 

You know, I could do a serious lot of mischief with nearly $12,000. Fact of the matter is, I know I could easily do a comfortable year-long Atlantic circle free and clear for that kind of money and have more fun in the process than the rally folk.

 I’m pretty sure you could as well!  

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