The needful stuff for a single guy…

The other day someone asked me about what sort of boat he should be looking for in the VolksCruiser mold for a single guy to cruise on for his retirement and then added that he thought he’d need at least a 50-footer.

Yeah, that kind of threw me as well…

Which brings up the question of what exactly does a single-hander actually need in his VolksCruiser? So, as I see it, we’re talking about.

  • A seaworthy/safe boat
  • A comfortable interior
  • A workable galley
  • A head with a useable shower
  • Reasonable storage space
  • A comfortable double berth
  • A proper seaberth
  • Enough space to have someone over for dinner or a few folks over for a drink

Am I missing anything?

Now, the whole idea behind the VolkCruiser concept is that it’s affordable and sustainable for someone on a tight ($250-$750 per person per month) budget and that’s nearly impossible to do for a single person on a 50-foot boat.

If I were single and looking for a boat to fit the criteria, I’d be focused on the 26-30 foot zone though you could go a bit bigger (to 35′) if there was a pressing need that actually earned its keep. That said, even with enough tools to provide an income, there are any number of boats that would work under thirty feet.

We’ll look at one tomorrow…

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