On not striking while the iron is hot…

I almost bought a boat recently…

Not, in fact, the project I have been hinting about but a boat that simply seemed like a real good deal. I figured I could fix it up as part of a book and DVD project then turn around and sell it for a small fair profit.

Seemed like a plan!

As it happens, the boat in question was a very nice little CAL 27 which, is a fairly interesting Bill Lapworth design.  Well actually, the term CAL 27 covers four different designs (CAL27, CAL 2-27, CAL 3-27, and the T2) all pretty cool variations on a theme in the minimal blue water cruising on a budget niche.

The first CAL27 is similar to the legendary CAL28, a flat top with a pop-top for added head room…

Not quite the boat that the CAL 28 is but it still has a lot of great points and, as it is not a “classic CAL”, is just perfect for someone who is not inhibited by the idea of making some serious changes to stuff that might involve a Sawzall!

The CAL 2-27 & 3-27 are more normal in the CAL 29 and CAL34 mold… Good boats with no vices… What’s not to like?

The T2, on the other hand, tends to be a little freaky at first but, in my case, I found the modified for the half ton rule + cruising design changes really grew on me. An odd look for sure but it just may be one of the all time great pocket blue water cruisers that no one knows about…

Anyway, while I thought, pondered, and rethought the pros and cons of buying the boat someone else who knew what they want when they see it picked it up for a song. A reminder that life is short and excellent opportunities don’t hang around very long!

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